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    Do GPS Dog Fences Really Work?

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    Training Program

    As an ally of this mechanism, it has a training program. This program uses a method where you resort to flags placement, where "the safe place" where you can be, play, and approach will be indicated.

    Your pet will learn to identify where it is considered a safe place, and where the alert that indicates the unsafe place will be activated through the impulse. You will learn why the impulse despite not causing any damage will be uncomfortable. As usual, seeing that approaching will generate that discomfort, you will choose not to do it and avoid the buried cable area.

    After the training period established with this system, your pet will undoubtedly stay away from the place. It will only be in the safe zone, so for many, it is still a positive mechanism of discipline for their dog companion.

    Fences With GPS For Your Pet

    In contrast, fencing systems, with wireless GPS are handled in a more modern way and go url for more products. These work through a satellite mechanism, which allows us to delimit the place, that is to say, that instead of cabling systems, everything is managed by satellite under a delimiting map that can be controlled from your mobile phone.

    The collar that receives the satellite signal is connected to a GPS program that will send an alert to your pet when it is close to the demarcation limit, reprimanding it subtly if it does not withdraw from it.

    If we consider both alternatives, they have the same objective to achieve your pet's maximum safety. It is also important to consider one aspect; in the case of those who use wiring, this is a system that will not fulfill its function of maintaining uniform and linear security if it moves from its place. If there is a change in the coordinates in the case of satellite systems, this will interfere with the received signal.